We’ll never tire of a good, clean subway tile backsplash or a patterned black-and-white hexagon tile bathroom floor, but let’s be honest: They’re not the most original options. The arguments for their overuse: They will always be classic, and they will never go out of style. The downfall: We’ve seen so many of them that they tend to sometimes feel a little safe (and, dare we say, “boring?”). That’s not to say that one should never use subway or hexagon tile designs—on the contrary—but in the name of diversity, we’re giving you the lowdown on all the coolest tile trends that are expected to be huge in 2018.

We’ve seen these tile designs slowly gain popularity at interior design expos, in newly designed hotels (always a good hint), and around Pinterest. The best part: These aren’t the wacky tiles you’ll tire of in a few years. Like Nate Berkus famously said: Always try to use materials and finishes that have been around since the 1920s. From terrazzo to terra-cotta, these tile designs have stood the test of time—but they’ve either been given new life or they’ve been out of sight for long enough that they’re due for a comeback. Don’t order a pallet of white subway tiles for your next reno before reading this—we promise these tile designs are both cool and chic.

Zellige Tiles

Dark Tones

Dark Tones – converted factory apartment | by fiona lynch 1


You have probably noticed these glazed, colored terra-cotta tiles in bathrooms everywhere without necessarily knowing their name: Zellige tiles stem from Morocco and have a shimmery yet organic nature, making them a popular choice for tone-on-tone showers and textured backsplashes.


Tainted Glass Tiles