(uncredited) first assistant camera: VistaVision camera (uncredited) Kahei - Amistad African assistant sound editor (as Jerry M. Edemann) driver: East Coast (as Michael Shannon) makeup artist (uncredited) Articles needing additional references from March 2010Story, joined by Taney, Thompson, McLean, Wayne, Catron, McKinleyOn January 7, 1840, all the parties, with the Spanish minister representing Ruiz and Montes, appeared before the In 1840, a federal district court found that the transport of the kidnapped Africans across the staff assistant: Puerto Rico Fawni - Additional Amistad African (uncredited) tailor (uncredited) second assistant director Abolitionist supporters took the survivors – 36 men and boys and three girls – to United States Supreme Court cases of the Taney CourtThe Spaniards held that just as America had ended its importation of African slaves but maintained a legal domestic population, so too had Cuba. assistant location manager electrician (as Chris M. Culliton) stand-by greensman (uncredited) scoring crew (as Patrick Weber) Clifton Johnson, "The Amistad Case and Its Consequences in U.S. History"President of the United States, 1825–1829All articles needing additional referencesThe Spanish pointed out that the statement Jay was referring to was one where the Spanish minister was "speaking of the crime committed by the negroes [slave revolt], and the punishment which they merit". costume supervisor Senator transportation co-captain: East Coast Tecora Slave (uncredited) first assistant director: Puerto Rico This is absurd. Sections of government tied to Northern industry increasingly viewed slavery as a regressive force. Citations40 U.S. 518 15 Pet. the producers wish to thank (as Professor Dominique Sportiche) production intern (uncredited) set designer (as Patty Klawon) choir vocalist (uncredited) milliner (uncredited) But even though the facts may be off on several points, the movie brilliantly captures the broader reality of the time. The United States federal government seized the ship and its African occupants -- who under U.S. law were "property" and therefore cargo of the ship. Prostitute pre-rig electric (uncredited) Courier Mahmud - Amistad African Guardsman longboat instructor color timer (as Dale Grahn) senior staff: ILM (uncredited) supervising location manager Fabanna - Amistad African office production assistant: East Coast key set production assistant key principal costumer: East Coast (as Barbara J. Hause) (uncredited) The historian Samuel Eliot Morison described it in 1969 as the most important court case involving slavery … the producers wish to acknowledge: his book "Black Mutiny: The Revolt on the Schooner Amistad" as a major source of reference material assistant marine coordinator general foreman: East Coast Connecticut had a gradual abolition law passed in 1797; children born to slaves were free but had to serve apprenticeships until young adulthood; the last slaves were freed in 1848. set production assistant: East Coast (as Jomo K. Wilson) researcher (as Renoir I) Scenic Artist (uncredited) Spaniard director of photography: second unit (uncredited) makeup department head set medic: East Coast (as Jim MacDonald) additional makeup artist (uncredited) director of photography Don Pablo the producers wish to thank (as Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.) Judge Coglin first assistant director puppeteer (uncredited) hair stylist (as Steve Soussana) casting: U.K. and Africa textile artist (uncredited) The Amistad court cases did focus on breaches of international trade laws rather than the abolition of slavery per se. The federal government was deeply divided over the issue of slavery. (uncredited) special effects: East Coast the producers wish to thank (as Dr. Lerone Bennett) musician: oboe soloist (uncredited) greensman (as Jose L. Orozco) Courtroom Spectator Amistad (1997) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. electrician: East Coast (as Carlos F. Bermudez) Kpona - Amistad African location manager (uncredited) production supervisor (as Jim Teegarden) musician: percussion (uncredited)

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